April 1st is the “Nerd High Holiday” for pranks.

I picked the goofiest job title (Evangelist) working for the least likely company (Microsoft) doing a project they would have zero interest in (Linux shell functionality).

If you got fooled, I do appreciate your sentiments and well-wishes and you are in good company.





Regardless of how much you love your job, or how stable you think your job is, you should always have a contingency that follows the “rule of 45”.

“If I had 45 seconds to call someone to look for a new job, I would call…”

“If I had 45 minutes to send e-mails out looking for a new job, I would e-mail…”

“If I had 45 days to get a new job, I would research the following companies…”

Like nuclear weapons or disaster recovery plans, hopefully, you will never need to use them.

If your answer is the same for all 3 of the above questions, you get a big fat “F” for this exercise.

Likewise, if the last time you thought about these was in 2008, “F+/D-” for your grade.

If Starbucks is full of people, DON’T BE A DOUCHE!ย  Do your holiday shopping some other time, jackass!ย  People are trying to go to work, get to school, get their day started.

If the store is empty, knock yourself out.ย  If the store is packed, how about YOU come back later and be nice to everyone else.

“You could manage your time better and leave for work earlier…”

I would, IF I was going to Target or Walmart on my way to work.

I don’t go to Starbucks and expect it to take 15 minutes because the 4 people in front of me are being inconsiderate jackasses in a store full of customers all trying to get somewhere else.

Yeah… Lets let the entertainment industry control Internet content.

PIPA / SOPA = No Thanks!

And I thought I would never agree with Nancy Pelosi on anything. “Broken clocks…”, right?


I ran across this tweet from one of the Kingdom of Loathing developers talking about the support i.e. funding of a new “old school” dice game; Dice Age.

His posting on his blog is here

I found the whole idea very interesting because:

  1. Old school gaming
  2. Interesting aesthetic of the dice themselves
  3. Interesting source for idea funding via Kickstarter

I pledged $7. What the hell… ๐Ÿ™‚

There is no substitute for driving in rural Virginia at dawn (seldom, for me) or during the “Golden Hour” near dusk (thats more like it!).

If I ever need a reminder of why we moved here, just 5 minutes down a 2-lane road and the reason becomes crystal clear.

It is gorgeous here!


Very cool bird counting effort coordinated by Cornell’s Ornithology lab and participated in by folks from all over.

Last year’s stats:

Total Checklists Submitted: 97,331
Total Species Observed: 603
Total Individual Birds Counted: 11,233,609

More information is at http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc

As a long, (long, long) time user of the inTARDnet, most people I know are surprised that I don’t have a FlySpace, FarceBook or (I’m a HUGE)Twit account.

I found these little gems that pretty much cover it.

“Using Twitter for literate communication is about as likely as firing up a CB radio and hearing some guy recite the Iliad” – Bruce Sterling.

“For many people, the idea of describing your blow-by-blow activities in such detail is absurd.”

“Why would you subject your friends to your daily minutiae? And conversely, how much of their trivia can you absorb? The growth of ambient intimacy can seem like modern narcissism taken to a new, supermetabolic extremeโ€”the ultimate expression of a generation of celebrity-addled youths who believe their every utterance is fascinating and ought to be shared with the world.” – Clive Thompson

I have some really terrible news for the other 6 billion people on the planet. Our lives are 92% boring / annoying, 2% sad, 5% fun and just 1% interesting.

My nieces and nephews get flummoxed when I say “but aren’t 99% of your and your little friends posts – “I’m at school (or work) and I am BORED or I’m hungry or I’m tired”? They stand there with their mouths open or arms folded across their chests in silence. I know inside their little heads they are thinking “you are SUCH a D**K Uncle Mike!”

That at least, might make for a more interesting post…

I wonder if this is part of the “New Orleans Recovery” program. Lets
compare Popeye’s Chicken and Starbucks (that is a pretty wide spectrum).
Popeye’s has 9 people “working” behind the counter, with ~1.5 people
actually doing anything. Starbucks has 5, with ~1 person making drinks.
In both stores, the line stretches for *miles*. I wonder if VDOT or
CalTrans is missing any employees? ๐Ÿ™‚

Sadly, I am not the only person to make this observation while standing
in line.

UVA’s ROTC departments just wrapped up a joint 24-hour vigil for the upcoming Veteran’s Day.


I think this is seriously cool and I hope they are out there next year too. I’ll definitely bring some coffee by for the folks on the 03:00 shifts.