I mean about, ‘eh? And no, I am not from the Great White North.

You want something to cry aboot?

I’ll give you something to cry aboot!

Those guys from South Park…

I love them!


In the ‘renaissance’ phase of my career.

Whatever a “career” is, exactly.   🙂

Get to do very fun technical things with a minimal amount of nonsense.  And that is pretty damn cool when you think about it.

I am a Linux Systems Administrator.  My career moved into its “modern era” thanks to Linux in 1994.  It sure is nice to be back there again.

  • Married
  • 3 cats
  • 1 dog
  • 0 kids, but 20 nieces and nephews.  Most days that seems like a fair trade.  😉
  • Rowing
  • Hockey
  • Love living in the woods, but do miss the ocean terribly sometimes


# include standard-disclaimer.h
Obviously, no employer, government agency, the United Federation of Planets, or anyone else living, dead or undead for that matter is responsible for the things that go on in my little bb-sized brain or the form that they take on the InTARDnet.