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If Starbucks is full of people, DON’T BE A DOUCHE!  Do your holiday shopping some other time, jackass!  People are trying to go to work, get to school, get their day started.

If the store is empty, knock yourself out.  If the store is packed, how about YOU come back later and be nice to everyone else.

“You could manage your time better and leave for work earlier…”

I would, IF I was going to Target or Walmart on my way to work.

I don’t go to Starbucks and expect it to take 15 minutes because the 4 people in front of me are being inconsiderate jackasses in a store full of customers all trying to get somewhere else.


There is no substitute for driving in rural Virginia at dawn (seldom, for me) or during the “Golden Hour” near dusk (thats more like it!).

If I ever need a reminder of why we moved here, just 5 minutes down a 2-lane road and the reason becomes crystal clear.

It is gorgeous here!