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There is no substitute for driving in rural Virginia at dawn (seldom, for me) or during the “Golden Hour” near dusk (thats more like it!).

If I ever need a reminder of why we moved here, just 5 minutes down a 2-lane road and the reason becomes crystal clear.

It is gorgeous here!



Very cool bird counting effort coordinated by Cornell’s Ornithology lab and participated in by folks from all over.

Last year’s stats:

Total Checklists Submitted: 97,331
Total Species Observed: 603
Total Individual Birds Counted: 11,233,609

More information is at

Spring in Virginia…

Cherry trees, Redbuds, Dogwoods and the gorgeous looking, but God-awful smelling Bradford Pear trees.

Eric Cartman says it best.

They smell bad.  I mean really f***ing bad.

Actually, Bradford Pears should probably just be banned outright.  They smell soooo horrible and if a cat farts near them, a whole branch will break off.

Apparently, I am not alone in my assessment.

Some people are just whiny  with no sense of humor. The advice provided by the “haters” is very sound – don’t plant Bradford Pears.